Elements of Jiujitsu

Theory & Application

The elements of base, leverage, pressure, movement and application are what make Gracie Jujitsu so effective. Understanding these practical elements will allow the student to apply Jujitsu effectively in any application.

Whether you want learn self defense, improve your health or compete in sport Jujitsu or MMA; these fundamental elements will help you form a solid foundation.


From Our Students

Gracie Jiujitsu was established in 1925 by Grand Master Helio Gracie as a way for the smaller person to defeat a larger aggressor. Because of it's unique premise and design, it's still to this day a dominant force in all combat sports. In the spirit and and tradition of the Gracie family we teach Grand Master Helio's Jiujitsu as taught to us by his son Rickson Gracie.

Gracie Jiujitsu

History & Legacy

Brazilian Jiujitsu has proven itself to be one of the most effective systems of self-defense in the world as well as providing uniquely powerful physical and mental fitness.

Men, women and children from all walks of life including policemen, firemen, U.S. Military, professional athletes, Hollywood superstars, fitness experts, and dedicated professional and amateur martial artists have all discovered BJJ's amazing benefits.

Brazilian Jiujitsu Health & Fitness


Elements of Jiujitsu

At Elements of Jiujitsu we practice Gracie Jiujitsu as taught to us by Master Rickson Gracie. Our focus is on the elements that make the art the so effective for real-world self defense.  We've created a school were practitioners of all levels can come and train in a safe, professional and challenging environment.


Dave Terry

3rd Degree Black

Jiujitsu helps me be a better person on and off the mat. I am forever grateful to Dave Terry, his students and instructors for excellent self defense BJJ Instruction...



PLEASE NOTE; As part of the evolution of our school we've changed the name to Elements Of Jiujitsu