Elements of Jiujitsu

I've trained at EOJ for about 6 years. Training at EOJ has helped me stay fit and sharp which is difficult with my travel schedule and being over 50. BJJ exercises are awesome for core, strength, balance and energy and I can do them anywhere. The trainers here have challenged, taught and encouraged my development.  They always seem to know how to push you  to the next place that you need to be to keep improving and I appreciate their help very much!

Dan Brown

Jiujitsu helps me be a better person on and off the mat. I am forever grateful to Dave Terry, his students and instructors for excellent self defense BJJ Instruction...


Dave Terry is a wonderful Instructor and he still is, he helps me a lot and he's very patiente. I will always be grateful to him as my first teacher and I highly recommend him cuz his school is the only place in the Sacramento area that teaches the street Jiujitsu from the Gracie and that's why I love it so much :-)

DeVon Carter