Elements of Jiujitsu

Dave Terry Chief Instructor

David was first introduced to Gracie Jiujitsu by a training partner while studying Aiki Jiujitsu under Professor Moore. David met Rickson Gracie in 1992 in Los Angeles. After a private lesson with Rickson Gracie, David was convinced that Rickson's expression in jiujitsu was where he wanted to be. So David became a member of the RGIJJA and a representative school in 1995. David was also a competitor in the jiujitsu world and went on to have a successful competition history. David has been teaching Gracie Jiujitsu since 1995 and successfully opened the first Brazilian Jiujitsu Academy in the Sacramento area.  David has experience in judo, wrestling, and Japanese Jiujitsu. David received his Black belt from Rickson Gracie in 2002, and he is currently a 3rd degree Black Belt under Rickson Gracie. He is certified by Rickson Gracie to teach the certification for self-defense under the guidelines of the Jiujitsu Global Federation, (JJGF.) Dave's also recognized as a black belt under the IBJJF.

Chuck Wagner Senior Instructor

Chuck has been training in jiujitsu for 15 years. He brings to the mat years of stand-up skills as well as a technical proficiency; and is a well-respected jiujitsu instructor. Chuck trained many fighters for matches in the King of the Cage and the early days of Gladiator Challenge. Some of his fighters made it to the Early UFC's, and he's still well respected in the MMA world. Chuck is also a veteran of the tournament circuit. He received his Blackbelt in 2012 from Professor David Terry and he currently holds a 1st-degree black belt from the JJGF. 

Jay Astor

Jay has been training in jiujitsu since 2003. He has spent hours on the mat since then refining his skills and techniques. Jay has become one of our finest and most technical instructors. Whether you're interested in self-defense, sport jiujitsu or an all around approach to Gracie jiujitsu, he has the experience and ability to reach students at all levels. Jay received his Blackbelt from Professor David Terry in 2013.